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Packaging - sale and rent

In order not to be damaged furniture and other items must be packed by using special packaging materials before moving. Furniture is packed in foil, electronics and fragile items - in bubble wrap.

To avoid unnecessary charge, you can pack your furniture and belongings by yourself. For this purpose we offer professional packagigng materials at lower prices than in stores.

We are glad to deliver packaging materials of high quality to your place or you can buy it at our office. Please take into consideration that things which are packed in boxes and ready to be moved can weight up to 40 kg - the weight that one mover can take. That will reduce the time of moving, that means you will your money.

If you need the help of our professional workers they will gladly pack your belongings and furniture. You can rent cartons of all types and sizes for free and for unlimited time!

Prices without VAT 21%

The offer of packaging materials

Stretch Fixeing Foil

500x23 mm; 1,9kg
120 CZK/piece


580x380x300 mm
40 CZK/piece

The Box with clothes hanger

600x530x960 mm; 5VVL
200 CZK/piece

Sticky tape

48 mm x 60 m Transparent 801
12 CZK/piece

Bubble Wrap

1 x 10 m
10 CZK/m

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